Wednesday, April 22, 2009

View from the Veranda

Newly opened Veranda Mediterranean Restaurant is like the super cozy and charming living room of one of your wealthy friends what with its exposed brick, custom made tile backsplash and high beam ceilings. It also happens to be a restaurant, cafĂ© and hookah lounge. Convenient nd delicious. The cuisine is a delicate mix of Arab, Italian and Greek flavors with daily changing options on the menu. The “Veranda Chicken” (a moist chicken breast stuffed with cheese, breaded and topped with sundried tomatoes) and ooey-gooey pistachio and almond filled baklava are unavoidably mouth watering. And unlike traditional eateries, you can grab a cup of espresso and kick back in the outdoor hookah lounge with your laptop (free wi-fi). Added perks include the amazing staff, who are always attentive to their patrons.

(Veranda Mediterranean Restaurant; 303 Grasshopper (off I-10 & Hwy 6), Houston, TX 77079; Opens 4/25)

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