Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dancing Shoes

Recently opened Houston hotspots Reign Lounge and Club Eight have been promoting their venues almost daily for the past few months and have quickly become the new rising stars on Washington Ave. Although there may be a nauseating abundance of guys in Ed Hardy/blazer combos and girls in Herve Leger bandage dresses, Houston nightlife certainly has seemed to have upped its ante from the predictable Wednesday night at Agora. According to a close source, neigh, nightlife vixen on the Houston scene, here is the tentative schedule for the party life.

Tuesday- Manor
Wednesday- Reign
Thursday- Eight
Friday- Rare
After-hours: Saek & Zouk turned Carpe Noctum

A Few of my Favorite Things (shows, that is)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The following excerpt is from Julie & Julia by Julie Powell, which is quickly getting churned into a “major motion picture” that although looks really cute, will nonetheless ruin the beauty of the novel. Worth the read.

“Sally has never dated a boy for more than six months. This is a state of affairs that cuts both ways. Sometimes she’ll present us with a flurry of boys all at once: Cuban food with one on Wednesday, a Ben Stiller movie with another on Friday, brunch on Sunday with a third. She’ll have a cheerful, leering glint in her eye, and when the boy gets up to use the restroom, she’ll lean across the table with a grin and whisper, ‘What do you think? He’s cute, isn’t he?’ These periodic springtimes of Sally’s erotic lifestyle can sometimes knock me for a loop…But then some high school friend gets pregnant, or Sally’s mother gives her insufferably well-adjusted little sister who’s getting married a homemade family cookbook of well-loved recipes, then refuses to give one to Sally because ‘It’s only for the wives of the family.’ Then Sally starts bringing only one boy around…and this time there’s a slightly desperate appeal in her eye, and when she asks ‘He’s cute, isn’t he?’ it’s more like a plea for reassurance than a prideful acknowledgement of her catch.”

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Think Apple should cut you a check for the amount of time you spend tapping away on the iPhone’s pristine little screen (covered in fingerprints nonetheless) while shamelessly promoting the beauty of its existence? Well, perhaps you should swing by cool contemporary photographer David Brown’s 20/40 exhibit which features pics snapped in their entirety by the infamous iPhone. Perhaps the sheer impressive quality of his shots haven’t dawned on you yet, but up close, Brown has captured the essence of H-town almost singularly on his phone through photos of sights us Houstonians pass by without a glance daily. They feature the highways, shops and strangers that make this town so beautiful to look through with any lens, including one as primitive (I say this comparatively speaking to a photographer’s traditional equipment) as the camera of a phone. So if you think you should be mailing off a demand letter to Apple, perhaps we should let Brown should take a shot first.
(Exhibit featured at Catalina Coffee; 2201 Washington Avenue; Visit