Thursday, July 9, 2009


Think Apple should cut you a check for the amount of time you spend tapping away on the iPhone’s pristine little screen (covered in fingerprints nonetheless) while shamelessly promoting the beauty of its existence? Well, perhaps you should swing by cool contemporary photographer David Brown’s 20/40 exhibit which features pics snapped in their entirety by the infamous iPhone. Perhaps the sheer impressive quality of his shots haven’t dawned on you yet, but up close, Brown has captured the essence of H-town almost singularly on his phone through photos of sights us Houstonians pass by without a glance daily. They feature the highways, shops and strangers that make this town so beautiful to look through with any lens, including one as primitive (I say this comparatively speaking to a photographer’s traditional equipment) as the camera of a phone. So if you think you should be mailing off a demand letter to Apple, perhaps we should let Brown should take a shot first.
(Exhibit featured at Catalina Coffee; 2201 Washington Avenue; Visit

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