Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rachel's Vegas Gambling Picks

Blackjack Switch at Bill’s Gambling Hall
Best game in the world! You get dealt two hands and you can switch the top two cards to make better hands. BUT the catch is that if dealer has 22 it’s a push. =(

Da Vinci Diamonds
Oh, Mona, I love you!

Desert Spirit / Lil Lady / Wolf Run
40 line penny slots. We made $30 from just 40 cents! (Lil Lady
doesn’t disappoint)

9 Line Slots at NYNY
I want more balls! The bigger the better!

$5 craps at O’Sheas
Best times of my life. We put in a total of $30 and came out with $300! YO!

$3 Blackjack at Hooters
Cheap gambling, wings and girls’ in short shorts. Nuff said.

Slots at Imperial Palace
Probably some of the loosest slots you’ll find on the strip.

Bill at O’Sheas
Pit boss at O’Sheas. He’s a freaking genius, I swear he’s psychic or something.

South Point roulette
No minimum bet like the other places. Always bet on 0/00 just in case.

It’s always on the bonus when I pass by and people are BANKING, but
when I play I just lose money. But it’s still fun to watch.

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