Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Before you kick it (the bucket, I mean)

I recently discovered the ingenious site, a sort of bucket-list composer that helps you get your life on track. After registering on the site (which takes a swift 11 seconds), you begin crafting your master list and for every goal on your “life list”, the site shows how many other people around the world want to do the same exact thing, creating an intricate cyber web of social thoughts. For example, my life list includes mastering the fine art of belly dancing, which surprisingly only 190 people want to do:( The list is never ending (literally), you have everything from “learning to speak Norwegian” to “wearing more dresses” and oddball randomness in between. After completing a goal, you can jot a quick entry about how you accomplished it and share with other members. The site is the perfect inspirational tool for constructing the life you have always wanted to live!

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