Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Encore, Encore!

As I recently returned to Houston, I decided to check out the much buzzed about consignment shop Encore, located only a few short minutes from my tiny neighborhood and still in the realm of my “in the loop” bubble. My first visit to the store resulted in a serious fixation on an irresistible gold cuffed Hermes bracelet. As we are in a recession (sigh), I instead opted for a cool chocolate and turquoise cashmere Tory Burch shirt. Since then, I have religiously visited the store to hunt down fabulous finds like a chic Ted Baker vest and a pair of white Tod’s moccasins. Owner Terry Rambin is super sweet and doesn’t make you feel dirty for putting your mitts all over that quilted Chanel. For all you consignment newbies, this is definitely worth a peek.

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