Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"This One's Gonna Be a Scorcher"

Oh how posts dwindle during the sticky and humid Houston summer. Well, after a long standing hiatus, here I am to remind Houstonians of old ways to cool off and new things to indulge in. Topping the old list is snow ice from Bellaire's best (a.k.a Chinatown) which remains my sisters' go-to treat and nicely satisfies my sweet tooth. Other old standby's include fried ice cream (Cafe Japon) or fried banana spring rolls at P.F. Changs. (Option C: chasing down the hard to find ice cream truck on Hillcroft for Lucas pops.)

New summer faves include “nightclub cardio” classes at Pravada where ladies can strut their sexy stuff while also getting a full body workout inspired by contemporary tunage and an atmosphere that clearly surpasses that of your local gym. And what better way to cool off in style than to lay out by the decadently accessorized pool (read: models) at the Four Seasons? My personal favorite trick to beating Houston heat? Get out of town.

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